Increased Profits and Customer Satisfaction through optimal product availability

Pull Logic’s Product Availability Ratio (PAR) provides the insights and data to improve product availability and increase sales without increasing inventory​

Our Story

Pull Logic is an Atlanta based logistics and supply chain SaaS platform that utilizes a robust AI & Machine Learning data engine to help retailers prevent lost sales due to supply chain issues, thereby increasing revenue and profitability

Dr. Benoit Montreuil

The proprietary technology is based on the work of Dr. Benoit Montreuil, Chair Professor at Georgia Tech’s School of Industrial & Systems Engineering and Director of the Supply Chain & Logistics Institute

Why Pull Logic?

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Connects customers with their desired products or the best possible substitution based on each individual’s preferences across network wide inventory

Increased Profitability

Increase product sales, without increasing inventory levels and optimize fulfillment across all channels

Superior Customer Data

Generates valuable customer data on what features customers want and don’t want and adjusts inventory levels across the supply chain to mirror.   Additional insights on product, customer journey, product and sales performance.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Localized fulfillment shortens the distance that a product must travel to reach the customer

Our Investors

Our Investors

Early stage venture capital fund investing in commerce tech.


delaPlex Software provides dedicated software resources and has built a trusted reputation developing mobile, cloud, and commercial application software for sale by vendors (ISV), and “software-centric” companies that depend on continuous software development to drive revenue and growth.


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