Never Lose a Sale!

Enabling retailers and manufacturers to make it easy to shop, automate the sales process, and have the right products in the right locations to maximize “Product Availability”

1. Shoppers can't find knowledgeable Salespeople

2. Shoppers Don't Have all the information they need to make Decision

3. Companies Don't Have the Right Products in the Right Location

The Problem

Companies have a $1.8 trillion opportunity in "Lost Sales" [1]

(1) 2018 IHL Group study as quoted in click here to view!. 2022 IHL Group update is $1.8 trillion in lost sales.

The top three root causes of this are:

The Solution

Leveraging proprietary research out of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Pull Logic brings a new and innovative platform to solve these problem causing "Lost Sales" including:


Pull Logic’s “Virtual Salesperson” replicates the questions / knowledge that an expert salesperson has for that specific category – can be used by the salesperson or self-service by the customer – as well as real-time availability information to improve the selling process and make the sale!


Pull Logic’s “Product Availability Ratio” or “PAR” Dashboard provides a future looking view as to the readiness of your stores / eCommerce / all nodes in your supply chain to satisfy the next customer – all based on information we capture about the customer


Pull Logic’s “Availability Optimizer” improves product availability across stores and the entire supply chain network by providing replenishment recommendations based on PAR and works seamlessly with existing ordering systems to improve PAR everywhere!

Our Story

Pull Logic is an Atlanta based B2B Enterprise SaaS based company focused on reducing lost sales with retailers and manufacturers of high value items due failure points in the supply chain and selling processes.

Pull Logic is paradigm shift in linking customer preferences with inventory in the supply chain. We introduce the “Product Availability Network” a new way of thinking that improves product availability across a connected network, sales conversion, inventory turns, salesperson productivity and customer satisfaction - All up to 30%!

Karl Swensen


Karl is the CEO of Pull Logic and has a 30-year career spanning consulting, technology, and industry and a proven track record of growing businesses and implementing change globally.

Dr. Benoit Montreuil


The proprietary technology is based on the work of Dr. Benoit Montreuil, Chair Professor at Georgia Tech's School of Industrial & Systems Engineering and Director of the Supply Chain & Logistics Institute

Sumeet Kumar Agrawal


Sumeet is the CTO of Pull Logic and has 17-years of experience (Ex Honeywell/IBM) in implementation of large scale customer centric products with focus on AI/ML, Data-Science and Web Application.

Our Customers

At Pull Logic, we take pride in delivering exceptional solutions and services that consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our valued customers. We understand that our success is directly tied to their success, and we work hard every day to earn their trust.


We are proud to be backed by our investors Silicon Road & Delaplex Ventures, who share our vision and are committed to helping us succeed.


We are proud to have received numerous awards and recognitions for our products and services.

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